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by Ray Carlson

Q: I don't like Windows 8 and want to update to Windows 10. I heard to click on an icon, but I don't understand.

A: When Microsoft announced that Windows 10 can be downloaded for free for anyone with the latest versions of Windows 7 and 8.1, they realized they were creating a problem. People frustrated with Windows 8 will want to upgrade immediately and likely clog download sites on July 29, the date Windows 10 is expected to be available.

To avoid this, Microsoft will download the new version in small pieces if requested. They have started inserting a small program on eligible computers. The program generates an icon that is added to the taskbar at the right side at the bottom of the screen. The icon depicts the Windows symbol of four windows. If you click on that symbol, a box will open. Click "Learn more" and then "Reserve." You will be asked for your email address. After completing the request, you will periodically receive components of 10 as upgrades, and, after or on the 29th, you will be asked if you want to install the new version. You can do so immediately or wait a while, but everything will already be downloaded.

This solution, however, is not working perfectly since many people have not received the icon. Google "windows 10 popup not showing" to see websites describing actions you can try. Most often, it is because Microsoft designates upgrades as "Essential," "Recommended," "Important," or "Optional." Many people instruct their computer to only except Essential ones, and this one is "Recommended" or "Important." Go to the Control Panel and check your update history for one labeled KB3035583. If that one was rejected, click to have it downloaded. If this does not work, try one of the other suggestions your Google search listed.

Published: Courier 7/4/15 - Page 11A